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Renault Formula E Championship

Renault asked for a mood film to celebrate their involvement with the Formula E Championship. From the unveiling of the cars to test races at Donington Park and interviewing Alain Prost, we ticked off a good few things from our bucket list.

Promotional Film

Urbanara Animation

Urbanara approached us with a script and asked if we could provide a fun and stylish animation to match. The answer of course, was yes!


Motor Insurance Bureau

The MIB approached us to produce a promotional film which would help raise awareness of a new law that would impact on the public and their motor insurance.

Event Video

Renault Client testimonials

The concept was simple: produce a testimonial video with two of Renault’s largest clients to promote the benefits of their Renault Business Promise. Shot on the canon 5D, we intercut stylish shots of their cars and still images of the clients to make the video engaging and visually inspiring.

Event Video